Puppy & Cat food

Puppy & Cat food

Puppy/Cat Food

We have confidence in encouraging your pet amazing nourishment at reasonable costs. Our store is loaded with a wide choice of grain free pet nourishment and in addition treats. We have proficient staff who can help you in finding the ideal sustenance for your pet. We convey an assortment of dry and canned pet nourishment:


Canine Lover’s Gold

Bird Pack

Comprehensive Select

*Nutri Source


Unadulterated Vita

*Taste of the Wild


​* brands are accessible in select canned sustenances



The Albany Pet Hotel supports encouraging feedback systems with regards to preparing your pet. Chief brand Easy Walk Harnesses and Gentle Leaders, and in addition Two Hounds Design Freedom Harnesses, are incredible apparatuses to instruct free rope strolling. We additionally offer nylon collars and rope in a wide assortment of hues, and sizes!

Wellbeing Supplies

Dental wellbeing is critical, much the same as us, brushing day by day will help keep your pet(s) sound and cheerful! We convey pet toothbrushes, dental bites, and toothpaste.The Albany Pet Hotel conveys Greenies Brands Pill Pockets to help in giving any required solution endorsed by your veterinarian, or day by day supplements.

Pet Apparel

Here in the Pacific Northwest it rains, a great deal. A considerable lot of our fuzzy companions acknowledge additional covering from the components. We have a collection of coats, rain coats, sweaters, and shirts


Treats/Toys/Training Tools

Box preparing can be troublesome, yet can be influenced simpler with assistance from Kong to mark toys. Kongs can be loaded with your pets most loved treats, kibble, nutty spread, and more for a durable treat that will keep your pet engaged. Once filled, your Kong can be solidified to make a more drawn out enduring bite.

Different Toys and Treats incorporate

Whimzee treats

Rawhide bones, parts, and curves

Kong Brand balls, treat holders, rope and squeaky toys

SOJOS treat mark

An assortment of other wonderful treats


We likewise convey numerous different supplies for your pet’s regular needs!

Kitty litter

Crap sacks and pack holders


Bio-Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner – to expel pee stains and smells

Puppy and Cat Toys

Pooch and Puppy Shampoo and Grooming Supplies