Group Schemes

Group Schemes

Group Scheme Health Insurance

This policy is mainly aimed for the different types of companies, international schools, maritime shipping companies, businesses, etc. The main features and benefits of this policy are discussed below-

Complete cover for cancer, in-patient and day-case treatments

28 days of emergency cover for the United States

Coverage for global out-patient consultation and treatment.
Access to over 200,000 medical providers globally.
Dedicated  claims tracking, details updating and viewing of policy documents via online platform.
24-hours access to our medical support teams.
Optional Evacuation and repatriation.
Also, depending on the size of your business (minimum 3 employees or more), we also have the following comprehensive options:

We disregard the previous medical history (depending on the circumstances and if more than 10 employees)
Customized solutions to fit the exact medical insurance needs of the businesses (if more than 100 employees)