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Cigna Global Health Insurance

Cigna Global is a reliable and trusted health insurance service provider that works towards maximizing the benefits for each of its valued customers. Our services have an extended outreach; including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and across the globe. With many years of experience, and reliable partnerships with some of the leading insurance companies, Cigna is able to offer the best and most competitive health insurance coverage to our customers.What makes the Cigna health insurance plan unique is the availability of plans arranged from a team of various specialist to bring both private and group (company) schemes to choose from. CIgna international expertise lies in understanding the specific needs of the customers and providing the customized solutions to them with optimal coverage and cost.

Why 86 million international customers trust Cigna

International Coverage
You will be granted access to our global network of doctors, clinics and standard hospitals. You are never out of reach when you’re covered with Cigna Global Insurance

We understand individuals have distinct needs and circumstances. Cigna Global can customize a unique plan to fit your individual needs.

24/7 efficient Customer Care service
The Cigna Global Insurance customer care agents are highly trained experts who value your time and needs.

Years of Experience
We are certified industry leaders in the Medical Insurance sector. Our expertise in delivering world-class health care services is known far and wide.


Cigna Insurance Expertise

Cigna Global takes pride in providing transparent solutions to all our customers with a detailed information about the premiums, coverage, benefits, and also review of various health insurance plans.

-Immediate outpatient care in case of a medical urgency
-Health insurance coverage for life threatening and critical illnesses
-Free doctor consultation
-Benefits on many healthcare services like prescribed medicines and dressings
-Provision for complete health assessment
-Pregnancy, maternity, dental and optical care
-Assessment of congenital and hereditary conditions

Cigna Global offers different plans, especially designed by a team of various specialist, to bring both private and group (company) schemes to choose from. Cigna’s expertise lies in understanding the specific needs of the customers and providing customized solutions with optimal coverage and cost. They take pride in providing transparent solutions to all our customers with detailed information about the premiums, coverage, benefits, and a comprehensive review of the various health insurance plans available.

Cigna Benefits

Everyone has different needs and requirements and at Cigna we value each customer equally. Our plans are tailor made and highly customizable to meet individual and specific requirements. With easy cancellation policies, generous cool-off periods and highly competitive pricing, we ensure our customers are always at the receiving end of advantages. Customer service is our priority and we ensure that every customer receives maximum benefits with us. Whatever your needs or budget, at Cigna Global you will find the perfect plan that completely satisfies your needs.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable health insurance service provider, look no further than Cigna Health Insurance. With a rich experience in the industry and leading insurance companies as our partner, we offer the most comprehensive solutions in health insurance coverage for countries around the world, be it, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and worldwide.

Cigna Quotes

We offer quotes from a customization of our numerous benefits to bring your the best benefits for your budget. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer generous cool-off periods,
Competitive pricing, option to cancel the plan in case of any kind of issue.

Create a Complete, affordable & tailored plan with Cigna Global in 2 simple measures.


1. Silver

The silver plan is an attractive health plan which includes cover for; hospital stay, administered treatment, and a generous total annual benefit limitation.

• Annual benefit limit: $1,000,000
• Complete Cancer treatment
• Enjoy all the Silver plan features by purchasing your Silver Plan coverage
2. Gold

The Gold plan is an all-inclusive coverage plan which includes cover for; in-patient maternity care with higher limits on the majority of the benefits.

-Annual benefit limit: $2,000,000
-Complete Cancer Treatment
-Inpatient Maternity care

Review all the Gold plan characteristics and buy your Gold Plan Coverage to enjoy its benefits.
3. Diamond

The Diamond plan is our premium plan with an unlimited annual limit, and many fully paid benefits.

Features of the Diamond Plan

-Inpatient Maternity
-Fully paid mental care
-Unlimited yearly benefit
Review the features of the Diamond Plan and purchase the Diamond Plan to enjoy its benefits




-International Outpatient
Some extensive outpatients don’t want a treatment approach that needs an overnight stay in the hospital. We prescribe drugs; administer dressings for outpatients and much more.

-International Medical Evacuation
We initiate Medical evacuation if the required treatment is not locally available in an emergency. Cigna Global also does repatriation, allowing the beneficiary to return to their country of habitual residence or nationality.
-International Health and Wellbeing measures
We encourage you to handle your state of health proactively. Test against all diseases and seek assurance with our regular physical examinations.

-International Dental & Vision Service
Our Vision care initiative includes an eye test and a wide range of preventative, routine and major dental treatments. We are committed to our vision and dental divisions.